Spring Cleaning: Where To Start? Sunshine & Fresh Air!


It’s Spring!  And depending on where you live, it’s also a time when the sun’s starting to shine, the flowers are starting to grow and we’re ready to do some spring cleaning.  Here are 2.5 reasons why you should start your spring cleaning by throwing back the curtains, opening up a few windows and letting some sunlight and fresh air into your home…

Reason #1    Sunlight can help us Feel Good. 

According to one professional at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, not only is sunlight an important source of vitamin D, but it can also improve our moods naturally by “increasing levels of the brain’s natural mood-lifting chemical, serotonin.”[i]  Most of us simply feel much better if we can have a decent amount of time in the sun.

Reason #2    Inside Air isn’t always Clean Air

Let’s face it, newer homes are more airtight.  We’ve worked hard to eliminate the holes, cracks and other draft-producing spots in our living spaces, but what’s good for our energy bill isn’t necessarily good for the quality of our indoor air.  Why?

  • The products we use to clean, sanitize or “freshen” our homes often contain chemicals.
  • Our pets contribute dander and allergens that can float around.[ii]
  • Smoking releases carcinogens and particulates that linger in the home.
  • Even air fresheners “contain VOC’s and contribute to poor indoor air quality.” These VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) can build up in our homes, making indoor air sometimes more polluted than what is outside.[iii]

(All good reasons to open those windows for a few minutes each day.  Open, open, open!)

Reason #2.5   Fresh Air can smell…Nice

If you live near trees or a chunk of greenery then chances are your outside air will be filled with fresh oxygen (sooo good for your lungs), the scent of flowers (promotes relaxation and lowers anxiety), and freshly-cut grass (helps you feel calmer and happier).[iv]  What’s not to like about that?

So, go ahead. Take advantage of the benefits of fresh air and sun. Open those windows and get ready to clean.  It’s Spring!

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by Beverly Pogue