11 DIY Tips for Curb Appeal


Selling your home?  Then it’s time to think: “Curb Appeal.” Here are some DIY tips to get you started.

1. Pretend You Are the New Buyer

Selling a home requires you to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  Let go of any emotional attachment to your old place and see it with a stranger’s eyes. Walk across the street, look back at your property and take notes. If      you were the buyer, what would be your first impression? Write down the first things that come to mind and then get busy tackling each item on your list.

2. Declutter the Yards—Front and Back

It isn’t just the interior of your home that should be decluttered, but the exterior and surrounding area as well.   Get rid of kid or pet toys, old hoses, anything broken, shabby or unappealing.  Remove any lawn ornaments that you’ll be taking with you to your new home.

3. Pressure-Wash the Sidewalks and Driveway

Sidewalks and driveways get dirty and stained over time.  Add moss to that equation and you know sweeping won’t be enough.  Time to rent a pressure washer and really get that cement clean.  Most big-box hardware stores have electric or gas-powered models available for a reasonable hourly or weekly fee.

4. Mow and Edge Like a Pro

Don’t just mow your lawn, mow it like a pro…in a pattern and be sure to define all the edges.  A well-manicured lawn seems larger and creates a crisp, professional feel when potential buyers walk up to your door.

5. Get Rid of Weeds and Spread Some Mulch

Once your lawn is edged, improve the aesthetics of your flower or shrub beds with a good layer of nice-looking mulch.

6. Add a Spot of Color

Depending on the season and climate, consider planting flowers for further eye appeal.  Even if it’s only one large, flower-filled pot near the front door, a few simple, bright annuals can add a welcoming touch.

7. Replace Old House Numbers with New

People pay attention to the smallest details, even if they don’t know that’s what they’re doing and house numbers that are worn or dull-looking will detract from the crisp, clean feel you’re trying to convey.  Choose numbering that shows up well on the house and adds some style.

8. Detail the Mailbox

Make sure the mailbox is clean and, if needed, go ahead and buy a new one.  “New” makes a good impression.

9. Brighten Outside Lights

Exterior lighting that’s actually bright makes a difference.  Be sure those outside light fixtures are clean and have new bulbs replacing the old.

10. Clean, Paint or Replace the Front Door

An ugly front door—one that is dirty, with chipped paint, or damaged in any way, or that needs new hardware—sends a poor message to buyers.  Paint, repair or replace for the best results.

11. Get a New Doormat

It’s a little thing, but replacing an old, worn doormat with a new one is an inexpensive way to make sure buyers feel welcomed.

Remember that “Curb Appeal” is all about a making an overall good first impression.  When it comes to marketing your home, you want potential buyers to take one look and say, “Wow!” So, roll up your sleeves, make your DIY list and get started!