“The following are items we see ‘wrong’ on a consistent basis during inspections.  Addressing some or all of the items mentioned here will facilitate a better, smoother home inspection process.”

–Michael Wicklund, inspector and owner of The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc. 


  • Correct peeling paint on exterior doors, windows, siding and wood trim.
  • Eliminate any wood-to-soil contact at siding, trim, and wood foundation vent-frames.
  • Cut back all vegetation (bushes, trees, etc.,) from contact with the house exterior.
  • Correct any deficient gutters or down-spouts and replace any missing splash blocks.
  • Remove firewood and any scrap lumber adjacent to the house. Eliminate “conducive conditions” (i.e., conditions that make something else happen).
  • Replace broken glass or fogged windows—or disclose.


  • Provide free and clear access to all rooms of the house and components (i.e., furnace, water heater, electric panel, etc.).
  • Replace smoke detector batteries. Install carbon monoxide detectors on all levels, upstairs and downstairs.
  • Caulk sinks and countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Caulk at the front of all tubs/showers and at the tub spout and fixtures.
  • Make sure the toilets are not loose.
  • Clean out kitchen & bath cabinets to give visual accessibility
  • Make sure all doors open and close freely without rubbing on the door jams or carpet.

Kitchen & Laundry

  • Clear out the oven to allow clear access.
  • Remove all dishes from the dishwasher.
  • Install the anti-tip bracket on the stove. [Note: Many of these are often missing and will show up on a report.]
  • Install air-gap at dishwasher, if needed.
  • If the appliances are staying, then remove all clothing from washer and dryer.
  • Remove all items from laundry sink.


  • Remove all personal items blocking inspector’s free and easy access to the attic.
  • Install covers on all electrical junction boxes in attic.


  • Declutter to provide accessibility.
  • Make sure garage door goes up/down properly with the correct “downforce.” [Note: This has to do with safety.]
  • Ensure accessibility to all electrical panel(s), water heater(s), and furnace.

Take the time to prepare ahead for your home’s inspection.  Not only will it make the inspection process smoother, it may even help you get a better price in the end.

                                                                       -by Michael Wicklund