Is MOLD a Concern to You?

Is MOLD a Concern to You?

Schedule an Air Quality Test

Are you a homeowner who struggles with allergies?

As a commercial building owner, do you want to avoid liability?

Then schedule an indoor air quality test from The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc.

Using sophisticated equipment, we capture samples of the home’s indoor air and send them to a lab to be analyzed for traces of mold.  Our Washington home inspectors can also take samples of visible mold and send it in for testing. These results can give you the information you need to decide if the home or building you are purchasing is right for you and your family’s health.

Three reasons to check for Mold

Don’t wait to get your air tested! We test for mold in the Seattle-Tacoma and surrounding areas. Here are three reasons to contact our company today:

1. Mold reactions can be severe. Some people react strongly to the presence of mold in a home or building. In fact, for individuals with asthma, mold can be a life-threatening danger.

2. Mold is hard to detect. Mold can be hidden and not always visible to the naked eye. Because mold can also be airborne, it requires special analysis. While we cannot see inside or behind walls to find hidden mold, an air sample may provide valuable information for you as the home buyer.

3. Mold requires professional removal. If your property has a mold infestation, you’ll want to know about it and get started on professional remediation right away!

Call The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc., at 253-841-1128 to schedule your test.