Curious About Infrared?

Curious About Infrared?

We offer Infrared Scanning

At The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc., we strive to provide excellence service when it comes to finding all major deficiencies in a home. Some problems, however, are not obviously visible to the human eye and, as a result, are difficult to detect. Fortunately modern technology has provided a helpful tool! Through the use of infrared cameras, our inspectors are able to detect some of these hidden issues, providing you with another type of look into your home. Contact us today to learn more!

An infrared camera can detect thermal anomalies.

What can an infrared camera detect?

Do you want a more advanced peek into your home? Using infrared cameras to detect thermal anomalies (or changes in temperature), our team of skilled inspectors may be able to see or detect some of the following areas of concern:

1) Plumbing issues: Infrared imaging may be able to detect moisture in a wall that could be an indication of a broken or leaky pipe.

2) Roof leaks: Even a great-looking roof may contain leaks. Infrared imaging can often locate signs of a leak not visible from the roof's outer surface.

3) Wiring: Infrared imaging can be the best diagnostic tool for finding increased areas of heat with electrical components-indicating possible deficiencies.  Catching these hot connections early may help you avoid potential hazards.

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