Is Your Puget Sound Well Water Safe?

Is Your Puget Sound Well Water Safe?

Find out by getting it professionally tested

Having a water well on your property may seem like an economical and convenient way to avoid paying a pesky utility bill.

But is it a safe resource for your family?

The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc., can help you discover the facts about the quality of your well water. Our inspectors can test your water for bacteria, or any other contaminants. We'll provide you with the information you need to keep your family safe.

Three reasons to get your water tested

Are you wondering whether or not to get your water tested? Here are a few reasons to call The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc., today:

1. Pregnant or Nursing Women, Babies, and Elderly are more susceptible to illnesses. Pregnant women, nursing women, infants, and elderly should avoid suspicious water sources.

2. Bad water worsens certain health issues. The bacteria found in unfiltered water can exacerbate gastrointestinal problems.

3. Chemicals and contaminants can seep in. Water sources located near farms, factories and waste disposal sites may become contaminated with dangerous pollutants.

Call The Sterling Inspection Group Inc., at 253-841-1128 to schedule your well water testing.