What if my inspector misses something during their inspection?


It’s best to call us right away if there is something you are unclear on after reviewing your report so we can help eliminate questions and concerns. We offer several 90-Day warranties to cover those gaps from the day of the inspection to move in day. When we inspect, we report on what we see the day of. If conditions change after the inspection these warranties can help reduce some of the stress as you move into your home. We also recommend you purchase a full home warranty for items not covered by these. We stand behind our work and if [...]

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What does a home inspector look for?


Home inspectors look for items that could be health and safety concerns for you and your family. Home inspectors aim to identify major deficiencies in the home that could be costly to repair as well as  provide maintenance education for you as a home buyer, so you can maintain your investment

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What happens if the inspector finds problems during the inspection?


Inspectors will let you know about the concerns they see at the time of the inspection. You can use that information to continue forward with purchase or use it to choose a different home. Again, the offer you made was contingent upon the home inspection being done. Sometimes this can be used as a negotiation tool and your realtor may suggest making request of the seller to change the terms of the agreement. If not, you will assume the house as is. It is always up to you as the buyer to make a choice that works for you regarding what [...]

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When should I schedule a home inspection?


Whether you are a buyer or seller will determine this answer. For sellers, it can be very beneficial to get your home inspected before you list it for sale to help identify and correct any defects which can provide an additional selling point. Buyers on the other hand normally wait and schedule as soon as they have what's called mutual acceptance. When your offer has been accepted but is contingent on a waiting period for inspection purposes. Buyers may also choose to inspect pre-offer. You realtor can guide you on making this choice. Call us right away to get the best [...]

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Is a home inspection necessary?


When making what many consider the largest investment in your lifetime - we say it’s a pretty good idea to have it inspected. This protects your money and helps provide information so you can invest it into a home that is the right fit for you. Plus, when you have an inspection done, we extend our 12-month home warranty to 18 months for free!

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Can a home fail a home inspection?


No. We are not there to pass or fail a home. We are there to inspect the current reality of a home’s structure and function. This provides information for our clients so they can choose if this house is the right fit for them!

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Should I have a home inspection before I sell my home?


Yes! This is a great time to catch anything that a prospective buyer would likely be concerned about when they have their own inspection. This can help speed up the negotiation process and provides you with an added selling point - Provide the inspection for any interested buyers and show them what corrections you did make!

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Why do I need a home inspection?


Our number one goal is to help you love where you live. By inspecting a home, we discover the current conditions of that home and you decide if that is the right fit for you!

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