Is a home inspection necessary?


When making what many consider the largest investment in your lifetime - we say it’s a pretty good idea to have it inspected. This protects your money and helps provide information so you can invest it into a home that is the right fit for you. Plus, when you have an inspection done, we extend our 12-month home warranty to 18 months for free!

Is a home inspection necessary?2019-11-03T06:31:09-07:00

Can a home fail a home inspection?


No. We are not there to pass or fail a home. We are there to inspect the current reality of a home’s structure and function. This provides information for our clients so they can choose if this house is the right fit for them!

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Should I have a home inspection before I sell my home?


Yes! This is a great time to catch anything that a prospective buyer would likely be concerned about when they have their own inspection. This can help speed up the negotiation process and provides you with an added selling point - Provide the inspection for any interested buyers and show them what corrections you did make!

Should I have a home inspection before I sell my home?2019-11-03T06:31:17-07:00

Why do I need a home inspection?


Our number one goal is to help you love where you live. By inspecting a home, we discover the current conditions of that home and you decide if that is the right fit for you!

Why do I need a home inspection?2019-11-03T06:31:21-07:00
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