Buyers Inspection

Are you planning to purchase a property in the state of Washington? Hire The Sterling Inspection Group to inspect all major systems and components of a commercial or residential building.

Sewer Scope

Replacing or repairing a sewer line can be a costly process. The Sterling Inspection Group can use a camera to inspect a Washington property’s sewer system.

Well Water Testing

Having a water well on your Washington property sounds convenient – but is it safe? Let The Sterling Inspection Group verify your water supply is suitable for bathing and drinking.

Infrared Scans

Our inspectors are thorough – but there are some things the human eye can’t see. The Sterling Inspection Group will use infrared scans to detect moisture or other concerns.

Air Quality Control

Do you or a family member struggle with allergies? The Sterling Inspection Group can test your Washington property for the presence of hazardous mold spores in the air.

Contact Us

Call The Sterling Inspection Group at 253-841-1128 to schedule your water testing.

For your buyer's inspection in the Puget Sound Area

We work in Puyallup, Tacoma, Edgewood, & surrounding towns!

Are you planning to buy a home in the state of Washington?

Are your purchasing a commercial or investment property?

Call The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc. today. Here are three reasons to choose our Pierce County company:

1. Our inspector teams are fast

The Sterling Inspection Group believes that a TEAM can offer more. Our inspectors work in teams on and off site to provide a fast inspection and report for each of our clients.

Commercial buildings, apartment communities, and large homes just got easier with the Sterling TEAM.

2. Our inspectors Provide Protection

Our inspector teams give you a "snapshot-in-time" inspection: a description of the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. If you have been in the Puget Sound long, however, you know why we have beautiful, green surroundings. We get a lot of rain! And rain is just one factor that can play into changes that may occur following your home inspection, to closing, to move-in.

Our Warranties and Benefits provide a way to cover some of those gaps! Whether you purchase a condo in Seattle, a townhome in Puyallup, or Edgewood, your first home in Tacoma, or a large property in Olympia, we've got you covered! Love where you live by adding a layer of protection for your family.

3. Our sterling mission of service

Founded in Puyallup, Washington, recently moving to Edgewood, our Sterling Team LOVES making the home buying experience one to remember!

Our mission is to provide every home buyer with the necessary tools to prepare for homeownership, the education to maintain that home, and peace of mind. From Everett to Olympia, The Sterling Inspection Group, Inc., strives to serve the communities in the Puget Sound with home at a time.

You deserve to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE.

Have me call you.